Week 1

02-10-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 6 Grilse = 1 Sea Trout = 0
Biggest fish this week was caught by Mr P Dickinson  from Huddersfield, an 18lb
Salmon from the Boat Pool. Mr K Gath from Dumbartonshire had a nice fish of 12lbs each from the Luther Pool.
There seems to be a good head of fish in the river with fresh fish entering the system.
Week 2

09-10-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 10   3 Sea Trout = 0
Mr E Stringer from West Yorkshire had a good day on the 9th catching 3 fish for a total of 41lbs
all from the Luther Pool and all on the Flying C.
Mr D Keenan from Largs had a good fish of 20lbs from the Boat Pool on a Red Francis.
Of the total catch 12 fish were returned this week.
Week 3

16-10-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 5 Grilse = 1 Sea Trout = 3
Some big fish being caught now.
Mr S Creasey from Suffolk and Mr N Johnston from Hampshire each had a 22lb fish from the Boat Pool.
Both fish were caught on fly, a Cascade tube and a Red Francis being the killing patterns
Week 4

23-10-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 18 Grilse = 1 Sea Trout = 4
The bigger fish keep appearing.
There were 13 fish over the 10 lb mark caught this week.
Biggest fish of the week by far was a 25lbr caught by J Murray from Dundonald
The fish was caught on a Flying C.
There were also 3 fish in the 15lb mark taken at the Boat Pool and the Luther Pool
both on the fly by Mr R Leitch from Falkirk and Mr N McLeod from Inchture Pertshire.