Week 1

01-03-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 3 Grilse = 0 Sea Trout = 0
Week 2

06-03-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 4 Grilse = 0 Sea Trout = 0
Week 3

13-03-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 6 Grilse = 0 Sea Trout = 3
Some nice fish caught this week the biggest being 20lbs caught by Mr N McLeod from Inchture in Perthshire. The fish was caught in the Lower Bridges pool on a Flamethrower tube fly.
Mr S Shanks from Grangemouth caught a 15lb fish on Upper Bridges using a Yellow Tosh and Mr A Atkins had a 10lb fish from the Boat Pool on a Rapala
The Seatrout are begining to make an appearance with 3 being caught this week.
Week 4

20-03-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 7 Grilse = 0 Sea Trout = 0
5 were caught by spinning and 2 caught on the fly. One caught by Mr G Wyllde from Kirriemuir which was estimated at 9lb caught using a Super Deadly on Bridges and one estimated at 10lb caught by Mr I MacDonald using a Black & Yellow fly  on Lower Weir. The biggest fish of the week was a 20lb fish caught by Mr J Murray using a Rapala again caught on Lower Weir
 Week 5

27-03-17 to
Caught this week Salmon = 7 Grilse = 0 Sea Trout = 0
Catches continue to be steady all ranging in the 8lb to 12lb mark. Spinning is again the favourite method but there were 3 fish taken on the fly, one at 12lbs taken by Mr D Hoppe from Gloucestershire on the Luther Pool using a Stoats Tail. Mr P Burgess from Cheshire had an 8lb fish on the Monkey Fly from the Weir Pool and Mr A Cossar from Carluke had anothe 12lb fish on a fly called the Alistair again from the Luther Pool