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The North Esk
The North Esk is formed in the southern Grampians by the meeting of the Water of Mark and the Water of Lee in Angus. It flows east and south east through Glen Esk, before flowing through the southern end of the Howe o the Mearns through rich farmland to enter the North Sea 4 miles (6 km) north of Montrose. Its chief tributaries are the Water of Tarf, Luther Water, West Water and Craick Water and its total length is 29 miles (47 km).
From a point 2 miles (4 km) north of Edzell until it meets the sea, the North Esk forms the boundary between Angus and Aberdeenshire.
Salmon are likely to be up past the Loups of the Burn, a series of falls about fifteen miles below Loch Lee, and into the upper beats by April. The lower river flows through a series of long holding pools, giving excellent fishing on the lower beats. . The North Esk is very much a spate river, requiring rain to give good sport especially in the summer months. The later months of September and October are usually the most prolific months as long as there is sufficient water to let the fish run the river. This is the time when bigger fish start to run the system, fish between 20lbs and 30lbs are not uncommon.
Sea trout also run the river from late may to august and may also be caught following a summer spate, perhaps on a small silver stoat tube fly fished on a single handed rod of about ten feet.



Fishing on Pert

To view the video click here

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Tackle sales


As the North Esk is a basically a spate river and the height of the water determines whether the fish will be running it follows that the weather will play an important part in how good the fishing will be.
Local weather information can be obtained here.

The beat is only about 5 miles from the sea therefore the state of the tides can give an indication of when a run of fish may be expected to enter the beat.
Local tide info can be obtained here.
Go to the entry for Montrose for the most accurate times



Latest News & Catches

There are rods availabe due to cancellations
Feb 27th 1 rod on Luther/Bridges
Feb 28th 1 rod on Boat Pool
March 6th 1 rod on Boat Pool
(See contact details below to book)

Good start to season on Pert

1st Springer of the year caught on opening day by Mr G Currie on a gold/silver toby
the fish is approx 14lb Mr Currie is the one in the dark glasses.
Mr F Trzebiatowski is returning the fish.

Mr Trzebiatowski had a fresh run Sea Trout the following day, a 4lb fish caught on a
Flying C and a 9lb salmon also on a Flying C
sea troot
Mr Trzebiatowski with his 9lb Salmon

Returns :- Click here to see returns

All enquiries and bookings should be made through the following :-


Pert farm by Laurencekirk
AB30 1QP
Tel :- 01674 840894
Mobile :- 07775690080

All bookings to be confirmed in writing

The prices for the 2018 season are as follows

(Please note prices are per rod)

Please phone for up to date prices

February :-  60
March :- 
April / May :- 75
June / July :-  65
Evening sessions June / July :-  35
August :-   80
September :-   105
October :-   110

(Pert Fishings Ltd reserve the right to retain 1 rod for personal use)


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